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Some science fiction movies show a character that is invisible to the human eye. However, being invisible seemed impossible to the reality world. Scientists kept finding a way to make something invisible or make an object that can camouflage itself. However, no one has ever found a way to make something invisible. Believe it or not,  I think I found a way to make something INVISIBLE! Trust me! It will work! And I will do a science fair project next year based on this idea!

 I know it might sound crazy but I strongly believe that my theory would work, so stay with me and do not stop reading this article. Lets say that there is a specially designed sheet of paper. The reason why this paper is special is because one side of the paper is a screen that projects the image. Lets name this page “page 1”. However on the other side of the paper is a tiny microscopic cameras covering the page. In fact, the camera is so tiny that it can’t be seen unless you look carefully. Lets name this side of the page “page 2” If the “page 1” (screen), projects the image from the image of “page 2” (camera sided page) , the paper would be “invisible”, since it is projecting the image behind the paper. Right?  Isn’t it quite logical???

In order to make this more advanced, I believe that the “screen” should be on both side of the paper, and “cameras” should also be on both side of the paper. The image projected from the “screen” would be less clearer because of cameras blocking a bit of image. It would look a bit like “Mosaic” however I believe it would still work.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, leave the comment or just talk to me at school. I would be glad to explain my “invisibility” theory. Thank you (hmm maybe I should put copyright to this)

John Pyun



  1. Gloria said,

    are you sure you didn’t just look it up on the internet and copied this?
    anyways, nice post.

    • jgrimes96@charter.net said,

      Strangly enough I had that same idea when I was seven, sadly everybody I told didn’t beileve me, now that I’m almost sixteen I think I might work on finishing my project.Thanks, nice post.

  2. johnpyun said,

    However My parents never thought that it would work… For those of you who think it won’t work, you will see! I WILL BE RICH! MUHAHA

  3. brintteny said,

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  4. Carlos said,

    We all thought of this at least once. 😛 I thought of it when i was in 1st grade so HAH. 😀

  5. luke said,

    Yea, this is a pretty basic and widely known idea. The only true way to make something invisible to somehow make an object not block light with something scientificly. Heres an interesting article: http://www.livescience.com/…/050228_invisible_shield.html

  6. dylan s said,

    hi it doesnt work lol

  7. Mark said,

    It won’t work and ill explain why.
    The image that is projected onto the screen will be a certain size. So depending on how far the camera on the opposite side is from the image it is projecting and the distance the person is that is looking at the image.

    It will only work if the wall that the camera is looking at is all 1 colour.. then it might work. In the meantime develope the paper that has no border 🙂

    cheers, and keep up the good thoughts

  8. Roman said,

    Accaully i had this idea tried it worked good , only problem is that when light hits the screen there is glare , also when you turn to the side the image is not to paportion , for example , if there is sombody standing in front of u , and you turn to side the camera would look twards the street making the person in front of you see that the street is in front of him when its not its to his right, only way to fix that is an acellerometer, kinda like on the Iphone, so when you turn left the camera will turn left so that even thou ur looking left the camera is at an angle to look behind you that way it wont distort image, but i have no fix for the glare. (by the way I am only 15 , cool how i know this 😉

  9. harry said,

    this same thing was used in a james bond movie to make the car invisible……u suck

  10. hi said,

    I like men

  11. oceanblizz said,

    I think its a great idea…work on it and may be something productive comes out of it..you never know

  12. Crojon said,

    use 6 tv’s and 6 cameras see if you can make an invisible cube.

    move it around, see if there is lag in the record to display.

  13. aidan said,

    that is so cool. By the way, have you seen the invisible woman in Fantastic Four? you should also think of a way to expand light.

  14. thomas said,

    you liedddddd! it didnt work

  15. George said,

    It wouldn’t work, if you were looking at it head on then it would seem invisible but from an angle it would be distorted.

  16. Hala_rahman95@hotmail.com said,

    I am doing this for a school project, and I really think your idea might just work. I would like to talk to you, if you dont mind so that i can further understand your theory. And by the way, there is no point copy righting this because its all over the web.

  17. satyanarayana said,

    have you ever thought that, this invisible concept can be achieved by chemistry of the materials. by designing a chemical structure that can absorb all the visible light. that will be perfect in the sense we will not have any limitations, like what consolidating joke-ts have,in certain angles only that can work

  18. Saurabh Sharma said,

    thed same way i ve also suggested to my prof. but where do we find microscopic cameras

  19. 2hands said,

    wow, I have one in my possession now,, works great.. It’s called my Samsung Galixy 4 G. Gezz how many others out there have one in there pockets???

  20. johnpyun said,

    i like pumpkin juice and kimchi

  21. dogpuffle123 said,


  22. Muhammad Ramzan said,

    all the ideas of you & other recipients are fine — is there any latest progress ???

  23. jimmmy dean sauage said,

    kid no you need to think outside the box 1st of all you have the page 1 screen even if you did make this it would’t even cover anything up it would just project whats behind the page.

  24. BJ said,

    Try to work with mirror illusions.
    I also agree with Mark. the angle of viewing at this object, the perspective of a room (can’t be changed) and the light on the object (sunlight, lamps, ..). Also when you look at someting the perspective isn’t a straight line because our eyes are “circular”. The surface will not be curved as it would be when it was really invisible.

  25. oscar said,

    There is a plant called “Kalunika” in Sri Lanka and this plant is invisible to the naked eye of the human beings. But the ancient people knew how to find these plants. The theory was that this plant was only seen by the bird called “Ati-kukula” (this bird is still there in Sri Lanka) and one must follow this bird for months to find out its nest because this particular bird makes its nest with the use of the “kalunika” plant. It does this to protect its eggs from enemies. Still there are people who try a lot to find its nest but people failed. According to the history books written before centuries ago mentions that this plant is in main natural forests in Sri Lanka.

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