People Under 18 Should Not be Allowed on Facebook

March 19, 2008 at 10:26 pm (Announcement, Random)


      Facebook is a social networking site that allows users over the age of 13 to share photos, keep in touch with friends, and make new acquaintances. Opening a Facebook account is exceedingly effortless. All one has to do is provide ones full name, ones e-mail, and ones birthday. I strongly believe that People under 18 should not be allowed on Facebook. Once you are a member of Facebook, not only do your friends look at your account, but people from all around the world are able to access your profile page and it will be dangerous to people under 18. Facebook also caused numerous cyber-bullying, and there are numerous dangers that you might face.

      Members of Facebook are part of the social network, which means that everyone who is part of Facebook is able to access each others profile, either directly or indirectly. Social network might be an advantage to numerous people. However, if a personal profile falls into the wrong hands, an individual might be in great danger. For stalkers, Facebook is becoming a useful tool. Its making it so much easier for people who want to do stalking to stalk. By Igor Hiller, 17, a freshman at University of California, Santa Barbara. Herpes

      Facebook is also the main cause of cyber-bullying on Facebook. Students can spread rumors about different individuals without difficulty. Also, they can make an anti-group for certain individuals. In Toronto, there was an incident, that resulted the suspension of 11 male and female students because of cyper-bullying. They were suspended because they violated the schools code of conduct. Last week, in surry, a 14 year-old boy was a victim of homicide, and police speculate that cyber-bullying may be linked.

      There are numerous materials that might not be suitable for people under 18. Unless other people mark them as spam, the contents are still left on Facebook. Also, there are some applications that are not free and require credit card. These applications might attract young Facebook users to deceive their parents in order to use the applications.

      Social network is useful in many ways, especially to make new friends from all over the world. However, strangers from all around the world are also able to obtain information about a person, which means anybodys personal information could fall into wrong hands. Also, numerous cyber-bullying conclude in violent ways and there are lots of information that are unsuitable for people under 18. Therefore, I strongly believe that Facebook should not be allowed to people under 18.



  1. sim said,

    I think that its perfectly fine people under 18 have access.
    People under 18 experience that outside of the internet, anyway.
    Ever been to Vegas?
    People under 18 live there, just as bad, even worse, than facebook.

  2. me said,

    I’m under 18, and strongly disagree. While this is an old post, some of us are responsible enough to protect ourselves perfectly fine.

  3. me said,

    Therefore, what you’re saying is that because some people under 18 are dumbasses on facebook, facebook should not be allowed for anyone under 18. Also i think you fail to realize that there are alot of adults who are dumbasses on facebook. Do you think facebook shouldn’t exist because some people misuse it? In america, we are free. Some people abuse this freedom and others don’t. Do you think that no one should be free because some people misuse it?

  4. kyle said,

    It is not true that anyone can view your account, people can only view your account if you accept them as a friend therefore only people you know may see your information, you are allowed to adjust how much people you do not know can see of your profile though so people could possible see a lot of your account if you choose but also you could choose not to show anything at all to anyone you do not know. Facebook does a really good job with maintaining security on their site and also strictly prohibits cyber bullying. pornography is not allowed on facebook and any people who are cyber bullying you you can unfriend and therefor completely ignore or report to facebook who will look at that persons profile and remove it if proper. I have used facebook for several years now and have never had any sort of incident. it is very secure and safe for all teenagers looking to keep in touch with their friends. as far as using facebook to make friends with people all over the world… i would not suggest it as this could be dangerous however unlikely, i personally choose to use it to keep in touch with my classmates at school and it has really brought our class and school much closer together. Overall, the people who are most afraid of the dangers of facebook have not really had a chance to even use the site and do not understand the real security that is there for them.

  5. Peter Lim said,

    After 18 , he or she can have use facebook for the rest of their lives if they dont get tired of it.

    so why have so much distraction before 18 ?

    enjoy your life before 18 without facebook

    the time wasted on facebook cannot be retrieved….

  6. Stephanie Freeman said,

    I truly believe that facebook’s intentions are misunderstood. What was meant to be a forum for a reunion of sorts has been abused as an open forum for public humiliation.

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