Top 10 Songs by the Arctic Monkeys

March 26, 2008 at 8:03 am (Announcement, Random, What I think of)

As some of you know, the Arctic monkeys is my favorite band of all time. It seems to me that all the musics that they produce are rich in sound and unique. Among them, I have chosen top 10 songs.

10.  Fake Tales of San Fransisco

9. I Bet that You Look Good on the Dance Floor

8. Only Ones who know

7. When the Sun Goes Down

6. Teddy Picker

5. Brianstorm

4. Dancing Shoes

3. A Certain Romance
2. From the Ritz to the Rubble

1. Leave Before the lights come on

“Fake Tales of San Fransisco” is quite a good song. However I rated it 10th because it sounded more like Franz Ferdinand’s style, which I don’t really like because they sound little bit like a joke.  “I Bet that You Look Good on the Dance Floor” has a good guitar solo. However, Alex’s vocal sound was hard to hear because of the drum and guitars in the background. “Only Ones Who Know” is quite a slow and romantic music. I actually loved it, but there are other songs that are much better. I used to be addicted to “When the Sun Goes Down” and I really enjoyed it. Its rhythm is really addicting and it is kind of a song that will be stuck in your head for a while. However, after I watched the music video, I started to hate it because when ever I hear this song, it reminds me of the music video. “Teddy Picker” is quite unique. It has a repetitive guitar sound on the background and Alex sings extremely fast. This grabbed my attention and made it special for me. That is why I really enjoyed the song. “Brianstorm” is more like hard rock. In the beginning, the blasting sound rocks your head and then the lyrics of the song is quite funny. Also the bass solo is one of my favorite part of the song. I am able to play “Dancing Shoes” on guitar pretty well. I love the solo part of the song, and if you listen to the lyrics carefully, there is a message from Alex, telling you to try to dance with another person. (Well that’s my opinion) The title is weird but listen to it. you will really enjoy it. “A Certain Romance” has an amazing introduction at the beginning. Then, it gets into a quiet and rhythmic guitar sound. Whenever I listen to it, I always think of the Central Park. At the end of the song, Arctic Monkeys plays a blasting melody. “From the Ritz to the Rubble” starts with Alex’s solo. Then drum and bass joins in. This music is something that is hard to explain, yet it still is really good so. “Leave Before the Lights come on”. No.1 on my list. I used to hate this song. However, as I listen to it numerous times, I began to sing the lyrics and now, I listen to it all the time. If I were to recommend a good song by the arctic monkeys to another person, I would recommend this song.

Of course, this rating is my own personal opinion. If you have different opinion, just share it with others by commenting under this article. Thanx 🙂



  1. Roheen Malu said,

    i think you could be a little harsh on rathing Fake Tales of San Fransisco 10… i quite like this on and would rate it atleast in the top 5. Anyways, thats my point of view. Cheers!!

  2. Brett said,

    Why no Flurescent Adolescent?

    • johnpyun said,

      I donno I dont think it matches with Arctic monkeys’ style

  3. tatyy said,

    i think your missing mardy bum and scummy on that list they are def two of their best songs.

  4. tatyy said,

    correction you do have “when the sun goes down ” witch is also scummy.

  5. johnpyun said,

    lol chea I like mardy bum but I dont think it can fit in top 10

  6. Tyrano said,


    ¿And Fluorescent Adolescent’?
    ¿And The View From to Afternoon?

  7. mila said,

    the top is pretty good, but 505 or cornerstone are the good songS as well…
    anyways…nice post

  8. Shams said,

    Hang on….Mardy Bum’s not on the list??!

  9. daniel said,

    Woah where’s bigger boys and stolen sweethearts? And mardy bum? And when the sun goes down? And the view from the afternoon?and flourecent adolescent? Perhaps you should consider making a top 20…

  10. Delantzz said,


  11. laney said,


  12. kevin said,

    ritz to the rubble should be no.1, and wheres mardy bum?

  13. kevin said,

    ps tatyy scummy is what people who dont know the names of the arctic monkeys songs call when the sun goes down

  14. Me.. said,

    huh?? Where’s the flourecent adolescent???
    you should put there too..

  15. david said,

    Thank u

  16. Alex said,

    Btw,i like the bad thing lol

  17. Drummerboy said,

    in my opinion:
    10. Cornerstone
    9. Mardy bum
    8. Settle for a draw
    7. When the sun goes down
    6. The hellcat spangled shalala
    5. Crying lightning
    4. If you were there beware
    3. 505
    2. A certain romance
    1. Do me a favour

    I guesse I judge the songs on the building up because in my top 3, the songs are really melodic, they begin either slow or hard and have an odd way of being nice, building up or falling down. i like it.

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