Lord Of The Flies- Jack. Is he a good leader?

December 25, 2008 at 11:31 am (Uncategorized)

In order to become a strong leader, you need these three characteristics: powerful, attractive, and experienced. I strongly believe that Jack is a strong leader. The novel illustrated Jack as a character that had three characteristics of a strong leader. He showed his strong leadership by his power, attractiveness, and his experience.

Even though Ralph was voted to become the leader of the island, Jack soon became the true leader of the island, by using his power. His power and his¬†charisma guided everyone and gave a huge influence to the kids on the island. For example, no one questioned Jack’s authority, and they did what Jack told them to do. Jack’s voice soon became the law of the island.

The word attractiveness is best suitable for Jack. Jack knew what the kids on the island wanted to do. He knew that everyone wanted to hunt rather than waiting to get rescued. This boosted his attractiveness and soon became one of his factor of becoming a strong leader.

Jack is the person on the island with the most leadership experience. He was the head of the choir and also he knew what it takes to be a leader. Unlike Ralph, who had absolute no experience, Jack was able to show his leadership and do what the leaders do to their followers.

All in all, I believe that Jack is a strong leader. He is powerful, attractive, and well experienced. Jack had all the characteristics that all the leaders have. Therefore, I strongly believe that Jack is a good leader.



  1. Francesco said,

    how can you say something like that?
    he is not a good leader, he is just a killer who use the violence to suceed and to rule all the children.
    We both know that he is enable to do something smart and he would drive the group into selfdestruction without the arrival of the ship at the end of the book.
    You should know that he is the personification of violence and stupidity in the society….

    • johnpyun said,

      I respect your opinion. And I agree that he is a killer who used the violence. However, he was able to lead and make others follow him and make others believe that he is the leader, where as Ralph, he didn’t get that much power.

  2. JingCheng said,

    Attractive??he was certainly not.Charisma??He also did not have that quality.

  3. Jackie said,

    I agree with this writing.

    Teachers and professors always tend to portray just the good qualities of Ralph, and the horrible of Jack. But in truth, the were both human, and had good and bad qualities that are never seen.

    Thank you, for being the devil’s advocate

  4. Livii said,

    I know jack did kill everyone,, but thanks anyway,, reli helped me on my GCSE ESB thing,, thnkx x

  5. C said,

    If I may ask, How EXACTLY does Jack use violence to succeed?

  6. Sonia said,

    i completley agree with this. good job

  7. cool said,

    Its good but Jack smacked Piggy so he’s an idoit

  8. Violet said,

    FAIL. he was a horrible leader. He is amitious and killed to consolidate his power. He was evil and cruel. He HUNTED RALPH. like who does that. When you are a leader you are suppose to do good. not bad.

  9. John Smith said,

    Fuck school

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